Friday, August 27, 2004

A good fit

An advert that if it was any other company would bring tears to the eyes... this did eventually, as I laughed so much!  Does make me worry about the mind of the marketing fraternity.


From Boing Boing
"A good fit BB pal Vann Hall points us to this brilliant KY Jelly advertisement that, unfortunately, is not officially sanctioned by Johnson & Johnson. It should be though! Link (via Adrants) "

White Wedding
What a fantastic day - brilliant best man's speech (of course) and even the weather didn't stop everybody having fun. Of course that is probably because the Brits and the Washington locals were all used to the rain.

Whale ahoy

Well a wet and winding day around the San Juan Islands near Seattle lead to a rather spectacular time watching a pod of whales.

Jumping Whale

Friday, August 13, 2004

Week 2

Yes I have now completed my second week as Regional CTO at HP. Wow! This is going to be so much fun.... though at times it feels like I could make a fortune harvesting acronyms! I guess I should consider I made it, when on day 7 I made up my first acronym at HP :)

I now have a car, so a daily fight for the parking bays opposite the house has started
I now have a laptop AND email address AND a new mobile phone number --- all terribly efficient --- what more does a man need :)

The best bit, has got to be the people, and the local office (only a 25 minute walk)
Of course, Oliver did point out that as soon as I joined the share price had a hickup and a half, but, HONEST, it wasn't me!

Thursday, August 05, 2004

The daleks are back ;)

The BBC has confirmed that artistic differences have been resolved and the Daleks will be back in the new series... now if only we could get Ace back.

SCO starts getting wise....?

The Register has an interesting article about how the SCO CEO once so full of brovado now seems to be wising up to the fact they may not win ... may not win the court cases, may not win any new customer deals ... oh and may not win any FRIENDS.

I think the line I liked the best was... " SCO, however, became less ambitious after a judge largely tossed out its claim against DaimlerChrysler. SCO can ill afford a series of thrown out suits that make it look like a litigation hungry open source ambulance chaser. Oh wait. "

Read it here.