Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Silent Night

silence is golden

the sound of silence

Simon Elvins, a London artist, has produced a fantastic picture, depicting the noise and therefore silence around London.

the Art of Noise

I wish I lived in one of the non-white areas - ah well - I do at least have bacon butties on the door step and proper coffee.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Siesta justification 17

Siesta justification 17


The register's note on the natural low point for people was interesting, personally I have know this for ages, or maybe that should be suffered from this "dead zone" for ages. Not sure Tea helps me mid afternoon, fresh air being the best cure I have found for the mid-afternoon yawns - well that and leaving the 6 hours meeting I might have found myself in.

Now how does it change by timezone? Is this a daylight thing?

From The Register...

Brits hit rock bottom at 2.16pm

Low water mark for joie de vivre

The average Brit loses his or her va-va-voom at precisely 2.16pm, a poll sponsored by tea outfit Typhoo has revealed.…