Thursday, June 15, 2006

Siesta justification 17

Siesta justification 17


The register's note on the natural low point for people was interesting, personally I have know this for ages, or maybe that should be suffered from this "dead zone" for ages. Not sure Tea helps me mid afternoon, fresh air being the best cure I have found for the mid-afternoon yawns - well that and leaving the 6 hours meeting I might have found myself in.

Now how does it change by timezone? Is this a daylight thing?

From The Register...

Brits hit rock bottom at 2.16pm

Low water mark for joie de vivre

The average Brit loses his or her va-va-voom at precisely 2.16pm, a poll sponsored by tea outfit Typhoo has revealed.…

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Haley said...

I'm not British, but I find this to be generally true for me also. I fight it by taking a late lunch. When I get back from lunch, the rest of the afternoon goes quickly.