Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I have no idea if this is some piece of magic, but when I went to a Metallica concert recently this woman caught my eye - or rather her back did.

I was fascinated in part because I thought it looked cool, and in part because I thought "hell that must have hurt". Since she was happily putting a sweatshirt on and taking it off as the weather changed seemingly without any worry about the laces getting unstuck (assuming they were glued) I guess that this was either well attached or as real as it looked.

Unfortunately I never managed to catch up to her and her boyfriend to find out more --- I guess I'll have to make it up

The concert Rocked! It was in the new Wembley Stadium here in London. Awesome sound, and a really cool venue. Can't wait for them to come back again.


Haley Hughes said...

OK. I'm jealous. Metallica. In Wembley Stadium. In London.

You're killing me, Marc.

Oh, and the laces are cool, too. Really does make you wonder if they're real...

Dave O said...

Those laces are awesome looking! I will do some searches to see if I can find out what that was and HOW it works.

(She looks cute too...was she?)


Dave O said...

Is this possible what you saw (with much smaller eyelets)?

Looked for the pierced back pics.


marc said...

Not sure your link is right Dave ... did you mean

If so, I think you could be right (but with smaller eyelets)


marc said...

good old wikipedia